We are a Quebec company specialized in the transformation of cocoa. We strive to bring products to market that increasingly address sustainability concerns.

Dry cocoa pods and cocoa beans in basket on wooden background

We use 100% quality controlled cocoa beans.

We are working to build a thriving and sustainable cocoa bean supply chain, and our chocolate beans are sourced from responsible producers.


Customer satisfaction is what drives our actions

We have made every effort to offer our customers quality products, in sufficient quantity and at the best time. Our production capacity meets the needs of the market.


We are committed to sustainable development

Sustainable development is the cornerstone of all our actions. Our goal is to improve the living conditions of our farmers in the countries of origin and to help protect the environment.


We create value for our producers

The cocoa beans we use are grown in the producing countries (Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon). Our goal is to impact these producers with fair, shared, cost-effective and win-win compensation.

Our products

We transform cocoa beans mainly into 3 semi-finished products.

Cocoa paste

Also called "cocoa mass", cocoa paste is the first product of cocoa processing. The one we produce is 100% pure.

Cocoa butter

It is a vegetable fat resulting from the processing of cocoa beans. It is one of the most popular semi-finished products on the market.

Cocoa powder

This powder is one of the products resulting from the transformation of cocoa beans. The one we produce is dairy free, gluten free, soy free and nut free; it is 100% cocoa.

Cocoa shells

Cocoa bean residue obtained after extraction of cocoa butter and powder. It is a powerful fertilizer for gardening.

About us

TRANSFORMATION CACAO IVOIRE QUÉBEC INC is a company based in Quebec. We are specialized in cocoa processing.

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About us

TRANSFORMATION CACAO IVOIRE QUÉBEC INC is a company based in Quebec. We are specialized in cocoa processing.


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