About our company

Transformation Cacao Ivoire Québec Inc. is a company based in Quebec, Canada and specialized in the transformation of cocoa.

We import cocoa beans from abroad, mainly from the Ivory Coast, Ghana and Cameroon, and process them locally. At the end of the transformation process based on zero waste, the cocoa bean shells serve as a powerful 100% organic mulch.

We are one of the first semi-automated micro-industries in Quebec to set up one of the largest plants for the transformation of raw cocoa into finished products: cocoa butter and powder.

We only work with first choice cocoa beans and our products meet international quality standards and consumer satisfaction.

Our team is made up of qualified professionals with a passion for cocoa. It works in accordance with the fundamental principles of sustainable development. In particular: solidarity, precaution, responsibility and participation.


We pursue the highest quality standards in our operations and strive to provide the highest quality products and services to our consumers.

Honesty, transparency and accountability are our hallmarks; they are the essence of our existence.

We are committed to continuous investment in environmental preservation and management. We work closely with the relevant agencies to ensure compliance.